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Storage Tips and Tricks Center

Best practices for packing and organizing your storage unit

Inventory & Label

Before placing items in your storage unit, create an inventory list. This will help you keep track of what you've stored and can assist in the case of insurance claims. Additionally, label all boxes and containers clearly on multiple sides so you can easily identify their contents without having to open them.

Leave an Aisle

While it’s tempting to fill every inch of your storage space, it’s smart to leave a walkway so you can easily access items in the back without having to unload half of your unit.

Regular Checks

Visit your storage unit periodically to check on your belongings. This is a chance to make sure that there haven’t been any leaks or damage and to rotate items out or in as needed. Regular checks will also ensure that pests, if any, are detected early.

Use Pallets

Elevate boxes and furniture off the ground by placing them on wooden pallets. This protects against potential water damage if water ever seeps into the unit.

Rotate Items

If you're frequently accessing your storage unit to take items out or put new ones in, arrange your belongings in a way that frequently used items are easily accessible. This might mean occasionally rotating or reorganizing the contents of your unit to ensure ease of access.

Maximize Vertical Space

Use shelving units or stackable boxes to take full advantage of the height of the storage unit. Make sure that the heaviest boxes are on the bottom and that you’re not stacking anything too high that it becomes unstable.

Protect Your Belongings

Use quality boxes, containers, and packing materials to store your items. Cover furniture with blankets or protective covers. For items like electronics or important documents, consider using waterproof containers.

Insurance Considerations

Check with your insurance company to see if items stored in a self-storage unit are covered under your current policy. If not, consider purchasing additional insurance specifically for the items in storage. Many storage facilities also offer their own insurance options.

Seal Clothing & Fabrics

When storing clothing, curtains, or other fabrics, it's wise to vacuum seal them. This will not only save space but also protect the items from moisture, pests, and odors.

Deter Pests

To keep pests away, avoid storing food or anything perishable. You can also place mothballs or cedar balls in the unit, which serve as deterrents for many pests. Make sure the storage facility conducts regular pest control measures as well.

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